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Helmut Lotti Kalinka Russian Songs

Helmut sings the Russian folk song Kalinka at a Moscow wedding. "From Russia with Love" DVD.

Helmut Lotti - Tiritomba 2003

Helmut Lotti - Tiritomba 2003 Released 1996 Saragietta, saragietta la marina Per trovare un amorata Scianca rossa scianca rossa ...

Helmut Lotti - "Poljushko Polje"

Helmut Lotti - "Poljushko Polje". For the girls, the goodbyes are heartbreaking when their loved ones have to leave for the army.

Helmut Lotti El Ukhnem

From the "From Russia with Love" DVD.

Helmut Lotti Russian National Hymn

Belgian singer Helmut Lotti sings the Russian National Hymn.

Helmut Lotti - OUT OF AFRICA - ( 2001 )

Helmut Lotti- Out of Africa -( DVD year: 2001 ). Location of this Concert: South Africa. Release date: 2001. List of all songs from ...

Helmut Lotti - From Russia With Love

Helmut Lotti - "From Russia With Love". A deep dark Cossack song echoes over endless mighty steppes. Impressive ...

Michael Junior & Helmut Lotti Friends

Michael Junior & Helmut Lotti Friends.

Helmut Lotti - "Vecherni Zvon"

Helmut Lotti - "Vecherni Zvon". A man realizes how short life is, how fast time flies by. When he hears the evening bells, ...

Helmut Lotti - "Those Were The Days"

Helmut Lotti - "Dorogoj Dlinnoju". It may come as a surprise to many that this is an original Russian song. Because who didn't rock ...

Helmut Lotti - Eloise 2003

Helmut Lotti - Eloise 2003 Original by Barry Ryan (1968) Ev'ry night I'm there I'm always there she knows I'm there And heaven ...

Helmut Lotti - Amazing Grace (Live)

Helmut Lotti Goes Classic.

Helmut Lotti - Bohemian Rhapsody 2003

Helmut Lotti - Bohemian Rhapsody 2003 Original by 'Queen' (1975) Is this the real life- Is this just fantasy- Caught in a landslide- ...

Helmut Lotti - Celebrating 50 Years

HELMUT LOTTI – THE GOLDEN COLLECTION BUY HERE: https://shopcnrrecords.be/ Helmut Lotti's complete musical journey ...

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